Floor Dusting

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Cotton V Sweeper Heads
Item No. 103487
103487 56090000 Pair Call For Details 390g 100cm
Eco Mop Floor Duster Frame 55cm
Item No. 103376
103376 76152000 Each Call For Details 380g 55x9x18cm 55cm
Eco Mop Kit
Item No. 100532
100532 56039390 Each Call For Details 1.695kg Yes
Eco Mop Rolls
Item No. 100531
100531 56039390 Yes Box of 500 Call For Details 1kg 20x60cm 100x5pk
Golden Magnet Frame 40cm
Item No. 101402
101402 73269098 Each Call For Details 526g 40cm 55cm
Golden Magnet Frame 60cm
Item No. 101403
101403 73269098 Each Call For Details 580g 60cm 60cm
Golden Magnet Frame 80cm
Item No. 101404
101404 73269098 Each Call For Details 678g 80cm 80cm
Golden Magnet Handle
Item No. 103147
103147 76152000 Box of 10 Call For Details 235g 120cm
Golden Magnet Sweeper Head 40cm
Item No. 102330
102330 56090000 Box of 5 Call For Details 130g 40x14cm Heavy Duty
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