Delivery checking procedure

Robert Scott has a proud record of fulfilling our deliveries. However, given the large volumes we dispatch, from time to time we do receive claims for damages or shortages. To help us to provide a swift and satisfactory resolution we are clarifying our claims procedure.

Step 1 – check pallet and carton quantities

Upon delivery, check that the number of cartons or pallets delivered matches your delivery note or hand-held scanner, then sign for the delivery accordingly - recording any missing or damaged cartons or pallets.

For pallets delivered from Roberts, Bayfreight and Gouldings couriers you only sign for the number of pallets, not the number of cartons contained on the pallets, as we have built these. Do please check that the shrink wrap hasn’t been tampered with or goods damaged in transit.
For DX and Crowfoots deliveries, we have an agreement in place that their drivers will wait for you to count each carton. It is important that you do this regardless of whether they deliver your goods loose or palletised.

Step 2 – check pallet and carton contents. Once you have taken delivery you have up to three days to claim for damages, shortages or wrong items delivered, and this must be reported to Customer Services by calling 01457 819400 or by emailing
We have put these simple, two steps in place – firstly, check the correct number of cartons and pallets upon delivery and secondly, check the carton contents within three days – so deliveries are quick and easy to manage, and to give you the opportunity to check the goods at a later time.
If you have any queries please contact your account manager or Customer Services.